Monday, May 25, 2015

My Summer Goals {Weekly Summer Link Up}

Weekly Blog Linky - May 24
Hey all!  I am excited that I have found a weekly linky to participate in this summer. Thanks to I Heart Grade 3 for organizing it!
As a teacher, I make goals for my students all the time to help them monitor and take accountability of their learning.  I am hoping that if I take the time to write down a few of my summer goals, that I will take accountability for them.  I even made them cute so that I can print them to hang on my office wall to keep me motivated.

 I am way too excited about going to Vegas this year, but I already have anxiety about it.  Large groups of people bother me and so does flying.  I am excited about going though.  I will finally get to meet some of my Bloggy & Instagram buddies IRL {in real life}.  I am also excited to learn everything there will be to offer.  Are you going to Vegas? Comment below... I look forward to meeting you!
 This was my 1st year in 8th grade.  I loved every minute of it, but after trying out the scope and sequence my partner and I made we decided it needed some tweaking.  I am trying to span more genres instead of focusing on one independently like I did this year.  I hope to have a fresh set of eyes to see how I can do that.  Do you focus on one genre at a time or teach them together?
I have never read a nonfiction book with my class.  I know, I know... I am wrong for that!!  I have never really been into nonfiction until this year.  I asked the question "What is your favorite nonfiction book?" in a couple of the Facebook groups  I am a part of and got amazing feedback.  I hope to read them this summer to see which one(s) will work best for myself and my classes.  Do you have any suggestions?

 I have owned my house for a little over a year and have done minimal organization and decorating.  I will finally have time this summer to really focus on each room and decide to "look" I am going for.  Don't get me wrong though... I am definitely NOT a decorator, but I am trying my best and have some amazing friends with great taste. 
{Check out what I did this weekend over at my Instagram!}
Last, but not least... RELAXATION!! I hope to spend many a day by the pool, river, or beach while enjoying a good book.  They are my happy places. 
Head on over and link up your goals!


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Scoop {5.24.15}

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It is one of my favorite, yet most dreaded days of the week.  For me it is a day to get myself together and prep for the week ahead, but it also means that Monday is right around the corner.  To get myself motivated and prioritize my week I am participating in this week's
Here's to making lists and checking things off as you go....

With all of the things that I have to do and hope to do this week, I have to remember to cherish the last 2 weeks with my students.  I have to admit that they are my favorite group of students that I have taught in my 10 years of teaching.  Are they the easiest group or most cooperative that I have every had? No, but they have questioned and pushed the boundaries this year and I truly believe they have helped me grow to be an even better teacher.  I can't wait to watch them blossom into amazing young adults as they continue their education in high school. 
I'll leave you with some of my favorite pictures from our field trip that I took the Honor Society on last week.  We went to a state park where we volunteered for several hours before grilling and enjoying each others company.

Hope you have an amazing week!